Attorney at Law and ombudswoman
Dr. Caroline Jacob

Ombudswoman Mandates

List of mandates


Please note

If you are uncertain how to evaluate a situation or an observation I will be happy to advise you. This also applies if you fear that you have made yourself liable to prosecution. Confidentiality is also guaranteed in such cases. You will not incur any costs.

Please understand however that as ombudsman I cannot function as a complaints office or a suggestion box.

Last publication

  • Internal Investigations: Ermittlungen im Unternehmen (German)
    (C.F. Müller Verlag, 2012-11-26)
  • Rezension zu Hinweisgebersysteme – Implementierung im Unternehmen von A. Schimmel / Dr. Felix Ruhmannseder / Dr. Tobias Witzigmann, 1. Auflage (German)
    (C.F. Müller Verlag, 2012-08-08)